Interview with Lindsey Kuhn

Random Questions with Lindsey Kuhn, world class screen printer, rock ’n roll poster aficionado, punk rock skater, and the designer of this year’s SLC Tattoo Convention poster… M: Last year was the first year you’d had… Read More »Interview with Lindsey Kuhn

80 Shades of Gray

Originally written for the SLC International Tattoo Convention 2020 When walking through the Salt Palace during an event like this year’s tattoo convention, it’s impossible not to notice the vibrance surrounding you. Tattoos, it seems,… Read More »80 Shades of Gray

Derek Kettela in Africa

Mike Made // March 20, 2012  We’re pleased to present an exclusive display of images taken by photographer Derek Kettela while he was out on safari in the middle of Africa. Milk Made’s Mike Abu got a chance to… Read More »Derek Kettela in Africa